Our Projects

Our currently sole business project is the “City Service Company” (CSC) or “Servisna Miska Compania”. The company is located in Ukraine and registered in a form of limited liability company.

The project is being developed to become a leading provider of services to thousands of the city apartment buildings being a part of a large Ukrainian market which has impressive potential despite its very early stage of development.

According to the agreement made, consoris capital corporation is securing 90% stake in the above business. Our mission and function is to allow Ukrainian citizens to participate in developing the above business in a role of shareholders controlling local business structure whilst enjoying protection of US legislation at the same time.

The project is being developed in a partnership with “Samovryaduvannya mista Kyiva”, a public, non-profit organization registered in Ukraine. SMK was initially the founder of the “City Service Company” and will continue its important role in the project development.